Our story begins somewhere in the 1970s, in the backyard of the Abu Sereyah family home. The father of the family, the late Saeed Abu Sereyah, owned a prominent company that supplied vegetables for the canning industry. But his true love was pickling cucumbers. Every week he would fill a crate of fresh and selected cucumbers and the whole family, applying their authentic traditional family recipe, engaged in their pickling expertise.

Together they would sort out the freshest, finest cucumbers, carefully clean them and preserve them in a large barrel placed in the backyard. Like all good things, word of mouth quickly began to spread far and wide, praising these marvelous pickled cucumbers and along with the increasing demand, a barrel was added to a barrel and a tradition of a dedicated, passionate family grew into an innovative and thriving family enterprise.

Nearly five decades after the humble beginnings in the family's backyard, the small, single barrel has multiplied, covering an innovative factory surface of thousands of square meters, built to international standards to provide the wonderful flavors worldwide. A large variety of new products were added to the praised pickled cucumbers - premium olive varieties, eggplant, peppers, legumes and more.

Thus, the small family business evolved into a leading thriving international family-owned company. Today, the second generation manages and leads the company's successful operation and continues, to implement the vision of the late Saeed Abu Sereyah - to bring the wealth of Middle Eastern flavors to the world.

Good taste begins with freshness - we believe that a quality product start with fresh and premium vegetables, which we handle with lots of love and meticulous care in our innovative company plant. We season them according to the best Middle Eastern tradition, and simply wait for the guaranteed and finest outcome.

local flavors
global success
- 1975 -