Fish dish with hot sauce


1 k.g. fish fillet sliced into 150 gr pieces.

10 tomatoes.

100 gr Eden's hot sauce.

2 green mint nodes.

3 sliced garlic cloves.

100 m.l. olive oil.

50 gr. butter (not salted).

2 lemon's juice.

2 spoons of Caraway powder.

1 salt spoon.

50 gr. toasted pine nuts.

Preparation Method: 

Sauce preparation:

Start by stacking the tomatoes at 220 C for 20 minutes. After letting them cool down, cut them into big pieces. Add hot sauce, garlic, caraway powder and salt. Mix them thoroughly.

Fish preparation:

Place olive oil in a pan on a hot plate, let the oil get warm.

Place outer side of fish fillets in the pan for 3 minutes, put it on second side for additional one minute.

Add butter and lemon juice to the fish and put the pan a side.

Dish preparation:

Place the tomato sauce inside an oven pan. Over it, place the fish fillets. Put the dish inside the oven for 15 minutes, on 180 C.

Our dish is ready to be served!

Bon Appetit

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